quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2021

Enough of robbery in the portuguese football

Cup of the league - SCP – FCP – In this game FC Porto was STOLEN again!

The responsible Arbitration Council of the FPF

The player Porro should have been expelled in the first half and the player Palhinha, if João Pinheiro were exempt, would be (would have to be) expelled in the second half and the free kick that ends in the equalizer is born of a non-existent foul!

Sérgio Conceição FC Porto was the victim of another shameful arbitration, in the disciplinary chapter it was a disaster, a striking duality of criteria, it was like that in the SCP-FCP League Cup game after having been more or less like this with the Benfica fans. These robberies are becoming the norm in games, always hurting FC Porto and must end quickly!

It is that these assaults condition the team, cause immense emotional exhaustion and both Sérgio Conceição and the members of the FC Porto bench are being completely persecuted for finding out (denouncing) facts, always ending up being expelled from the bank for telling the truth.


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